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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  September 21, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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a tent city pops up in the sierra.. to help exhausted we need to give them good solid rest so they can keep doing their job. >> a tent city pops up to help exhausted firecrews keep up
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with massive fire that shows no signs of slowing down. good evening. the amount of damage in this the seer seer is growing tonight right along with the king fire. firefighters say it has destroyed 10 homes and two dozen out buildings. 12,000 homes are still in danger. the wildfire now covers more than 82,000 acres. it is 10% contained. firefighters are using controlled burns and trenches to slow the spread. >> the fire is not quite here to this area yet. but we have, those are lines in place. we have hose lineups in place that are in front of the houses so if the fire comes up here. >> thousands of firefighters have been at it for more than a week. they are exhausted. we found out what it takes to keep them going. >> reporter: it just pops up when a fire rages on. >> it is amazing to what can be
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done and what is done in something like. >> reporter: welcome to the tent city. >> supporting the troops out on the line fighting the fire. >> reporter: when they are not on the frontlines more than 2,000 firefighters will come here. >> it is fabulous. makes things easier. >> reporter: providing everything a firefighter needs from laundry service to a mobile kitchen and prepacked lunches with newtrician and calories in mind. >> it is very labor-intensive as you can imagine. we need to keep them fed well to keep the job done and stay healthy. >> reporter: after coming off of a 24-hour shift it may be the firefighters first stop, the mobile sleeping trailer. >> we need to give them a significant amount of good solid rest so they can keep doing their job. >> reporter: highly organized camp can be put together within 2 days. >> we have planned section, the operation section. we have the laggistic section
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that subpoena -- that supplies ice and everything. >> reporter: it is stocked up and ready to go, thousands of bottles of water for crews to grab on their way back out to the fight. >> organizers of today's iron man had to cancel the race because the air quality was so bad. participants were at the starting line and ready to go when they got the news. no word if the race will be rescheduled. as late as last night they said it was still a go but a final air quality check this morning revealed it just was not safe for the athletes. a look at the time lapse taken earlier this week gives you an idea of the smoke that the fire is pumping out. 15 minutes. air quail tpháeut some places near the fire is class fired -- air quality in some places near the fire is classified as hazardous. a family that lost everything in a fire just found a tiny glimmer of hope. she taken off her wedding ring
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to cook. there was no time to save it when the fire rushed in last week. for hours firefighters helped her family sift through the rubble of her home until finally it appeared. >> like i told my daughter. it is impossible to find my ring. i was crying for hours, impossible. then my ring comes, thank god. >> the fire burned about 150 structures, many of them homes. tonight there is still no word on how it started. well, back in the bay area, 2 passport -- 2.2 quack hit napa. many victims are still shaken up. >> reporter: there is more damage here. >> i was in the middle of it. >> reporter: jessica says she has not been able to sleep much in four weeks leading to
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irittability and ptsd-like trauma. >> after the traubga you carry out the stresses of the -- after the trauma you carry out the stresses of the event. >> reporter: she is one of dozens gathered helping quake victims rebuild. we are not talking about their homes. >> after the earthquake everybody is rebuilding. construction, everybody is out building and putting the buildings back and we wanted to create a place where people get to build themselves. >> reporter: experts are here to help victims relax, regroup, refocus. the rebuilding downtown continues one month after the devastating shaker. but that only scratches the surface of napa's road to recovery. >> we are so busy cleaning a home, preparing the home that we forget we have to heal ourselves from what was troyly earthshaking event. >> while ryan was in napa today
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he found this unique art exhibit. hands on this grandfather clock stopped at 3:21. the moment when the quake hit last month. now it stands as a reminder. >> you don't want to forget you also want to remember that kind of stories of strength and kindness. >> broken china, other artifacts add to the clock to illustrate the destruction. on the back are the newspaper clippings of all of the community support. >> the ghost guard is cleaning up a fuel spill in san francisco bay. 50 gallons leaking near the harbor. we are told that the sheen has been contained. >> the governor signed a package designed to boost the use of clean air vehicles. here is one new law that allows a solo driver in electric and partial 0 emissions vehicles to use carpool lanes.
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the freeway toll lane operators giving them free or reduced rates of drivers of clean air vehicles and a third bill requires property owners to pay for electric vehicle charging stations rather than the tenant. not only is the drought getting worse but it is expected to spread to nevada and utah. the reservoirs will not get help either. a three month forecast from the national weather service is calling for below average rainfall and above average temperatures. with no relief in sight, lake tahoe could drop below the natural rim for the first time since 2009. hundreds of people took a walk along the embarcadero to raise awareness about mentalilness and suicide prevention. it was the 9th year for the out of the darkness walk. experts say most of those
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people have a mental illness. >> you dope often know somebody is struggling. one of our goals is to raise awareness in our walk and the other activities. >> the goal was to raise $150,000 this year. still to come, a collision leaves a bay area bicyclist badly hurt
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it happened this morning at spruce and eun ne a bicycle sift hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car in berkeley. it happened this morning. neighbors say the intersection is dangerous and bicyclists often come speeding down the hill. we are told the driver who hit the bicyclist did stay at the scene and is coperating with
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the investigators. >> cars not stopping, it is a result of that. i seen many near misses. bicycles and pedestrians. and, cars, both of them not stopping, fighting over who is supposed to go and who is not. >> the bicyclist is identified as a man in his 60s. the crash is under investigation. the driver has not been arrested or cited. oakland police are on the lookout for a flasher. he exposed himself to many woman on 19th and ellen street. they say he appears to be in his early 20ss, 5-10-6 feet tall. brown hair, brown eyes, but his hair is styled in bar raids. wearing jeans and a black t- shirt. the police want you to look closely. you can see a woman carrying a box in her hand. they say she was in a silver chevy suv with tinted windows.
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she appeared to be in her late 20s or early 30s, about 5 '4, 125 pounds. if you recognize her, they would like to hear from you. well, san francisco's supervisors committee will meet tomorrow on a proposal to regulate tenants buy outs. backers of the plan say that a lot of lan lords are abusing the practice to oyst tenants. the rules would allow them to give the rights to anyone considering a buyout and file a record with the rent board. it is nearly ought skpupl gas prices are starting to fall -- autumn and the gas prices are starting to fall. >> we found drivers lining up for a deal. something else might fall later in the week. that is good news. ,,,,,,
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station in mill valley. regular unleaded is selling 3-39 a gal two cents abov cheap gas, by bay area standards, is drawing attention to a station. it is selling for $3.39 a gallon. only 2 cents above the national average. the bay area prices are typically higher. sanfrancisco still has some of the highest prices in the country. average 3.79 a gallon. all gas prices dropped due to falling crude prices and other market factors. well, another big storm is turning towards mexico's baja peninsula tonight. polo, south of storm-weary cabo tonight. it is whipping up waves on the shore and bring more rain. the area is struggling to recover from hurry-up odile. some stranded tourists are still trying to get home. >> one after another after another. this is the third.
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it whipped up the surf and juiced-up the ats into mere for the desert south -- juiced up the atmosphere for the desert southwest. we can not see mount deablo right now. it is fogged in. 70 degrees at concord right now. 67 at oakland, 69 for livermore and san jose, 69 degrees, santa rosa. 70 right now to start it off. to finish up your sunday. if you are heading out tonight by 8:00, 64 degrees. 62 around the bay. we do have the clouds coming in and they will be with us here tomorrow morning. should be sunnier tomorrow. the temperatures should warm up a little bit to skwao degrees inland. not dramatic but better than today. mostly in the 70s today. the bay will be in the upper 70s. upper 60s and they said more sunshine, the low pressure that triggered a few showers last night. the low will lift out of the
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bay area. high builds in. the high temperatures rise. as the ridge builds up, it deepens and the trough will move towards the coast so by wednesday night we introduce a chance of showers in the north bay. midweek. in the meantime, because of the highs, the numbers get warmer, more sunshine and then things turn around by late wednesday. and thursday looks a little wet in the bay area. the rays, over the peninsula, you can see sometimes it is not easy to pick it out. over the east bay, a patch of low cloudiness that will start the day. but, let's roll it through the day. you can see it quickly going to the shoreline quickly by the morning. as we look live from high atop the mountain and review the headlines, increasing sunshine and the temperatures and then
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it will go the other direction by late wednesday and thursday. tomorrow night, 7:29 p.m., the equinox. the first full day of fall will be on tuesday. never the less, the moment tomorrow night. speaking of tomorrow. dead on queue where the numbers are tomorrow. average, 80 degree. shoreline, upper 60s at half- moon bay and 69 degrees at pacifica. and you come over skyline, drop down into redwood city you and are in 80 degrees. and 85 degrees in antioch. you would come over summit road and down 280 and edgewood road and then in redwood city. [ laughter ] now, 76 degrees and 82 that is just if you are keeping score at home. temperatures in the middle to upper 70s. starting overcast, sunshine, 78 degrees in sa -- in sonoma.
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>> looking for rain to move in. a little bit. late wednesday night, north bay, overspreading the bay area by thursday as we head into next weekend. just in time for saturday. we got plenty of sun and warming temperatures. so, stay tuned in that rain. >> they have not liked the eastern time zone. >> you have to go tpwaobg 2009 or something. but they had a chance to pull off a stunning upset today in new england. while things heated up for the 49ers in the desert. kick off is next no rush, andy. come on. with the chase mobile app you can get a lot done in a little amount of time. from transferring funds
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half this season, suffering back- to-back second half collaps. 4 turnovers against chicago last week for colin kaepern. back up drew stanton beat t giants in new york .. kaepek and company dissected the cardinal defense on their opening drive.. he hits mic crabtree on a short 2-yard . kaepernick was 7- for-7 on e drive.. 7-6 49ers.. second quarter.. 49ers fans hope ty see a lot of this for yearso come.. carlos hyde now today, kaepernick, brilliant. 2nd quarter, 9ers hoping for a lot of this. johnson, 14-6, san francisco on top. now, the cardinals started the 2nd half on fire.
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hooking up with the rookie. brown, cutting the 49er lead to just 1 point. and, then, lightning strikes twice. 1 drive later. finding brown, two gets a step on the 49ers lead. now, arizona working their way in the end zone. 7 minutes to go. ending this game right here. but, now, he copped it up. the 49ers get a huge break. but, they can not capitalize. now, kaepernick, sacked by the safety, jefferson, inside of the 10 yard line. they had to pump the ball back to arizona. no points in the second half. the cardinals, putting the game away. ellington, ripped off the 20 yard run. cardinals kicking the field goal, extending the lead. they win 23-14. >> i don't -- it is going to play better. playing good enough now. >> a lot of football left. we got to get regrouped. and hurry. a lot of football teams to
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play. >> arizona 3-0. they drop 1-2. the raiders had not won on the east coast in 2009. a streak of 14 games. it was in jeopardy in new england today. bob was the special guest, mark whalberg. now, second quarter, new england, getting on the board. a security blanket. the patriots take the 7-3 lead. markey mark loving it. now, important series for the raider defense. now, on the 1st down, charles, woodston. now, a chance to tie it. now, that is holding. jackson, no touchdown. , and of course, on the next play, they pass to moore deflected. intercepted. game, set, match. they go down again, 16-9. they
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run the east coast losing streak to 15 games. >> we put a scare into them. late. that is for sure. nobody expected that. we did. but, you know, that is what we expect out of ourselves. now, however, you know, does not matter if there was a holding call. does not matter. it does not matter. we lost. you know w sre to go back and go back to work this week in london and fix what we need to fix. if we and out with the same effort we will be a good football team. >> the raiders are 0-3. now, one season left and the a's could use a little bike me up. 10 walk off runs this year but 2 since july. it this guy in oakland, checking out the a's and doing it in the wild card race. the phillies, 5th inning, doubles, 2 outs, right center. now, brandon scores. the a's lead 6-4. the next inning, philadelphia trailing 6- 4. singles off of scott cashmere and the game-tying run
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is home. we will go into extra innings. a runner on. they end it. a 2-run walk off home run. that comes at the right time, folks. a huge win for the a's. 8-6 is the final. >> and oakland, half a game ahead of kansas city for the first wild card spot. they have a 2-game cushion after the mariners lost today. now, padres leading 3-0. cameron singles with 2 outs and woá walks off of george contos. sandiego takes a 5-0 lead. here we go again. the next inning, after the giants cut the lead to 5-2, now, doubles off of gene, 2 come in to score. 7-2. they win 8-2 and the giants get swept. giants drop 4.5 games behind l.a. sanfrancisco, now heading to dodger stadium. if they want to win the west
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they will take all 3. much better looking in the wild card spot. i just want to thank everybody who turned out for our alzheimer's walk yesterday. great turnout by the tv station and all of our folks here and by the bay area as l. we raised a million for that. >> good for you. >> all goes to restphaoefrpb yes. find a cure. all right, dennis. >> thanks. thanks for watching "60 minutes" is next. with the latest news, weather, breaking news on see you at 11:00 tonight
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> pelley: right here across the bridge you can see the black flag of isis flying over isis territory. to understand what isis is, where it came from and how it blitzed through two countries, we went to the front lines to see where some of the worst atrocities in the history of terror are happening to innocents who are in isis' way. >> we are going for you, hannahk obama. >> pelley: you'll hear from the soldiers battling isis, for a family that survived an execution by crawling out of a mass grave, and from this woman, whose sisters and mother have vanished. >> ( translated ): tell them i just want my mother. >> pelle w


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